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Textile Division

Our Textile Department is handling wide range of textile materials and products such as yarn spinning, cloths, fabric finished piece goods, finished garment and industrial materials to cover hygiene, automobile, electronics, sports, building materials, engineering etc. Recently we have been expanding business fields into focusing on advanced technologies. We cover all of GMS countries and produce all textile goods in suitable area. We also construct Brand business in Thailand.

Utilizing our world wide networks, we can provide you our functions of export/import and management concerning to worldwide supply chain of textile and fashion-related industries.

Textile Affiliate

Thai Shikibo Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture of yarn spinning.

TI Garment Company Limited (Myanmar)

Manufacture of Shirts garment

Raw Material

1 Spun Yam
2 Synthetic Yarn
3 Natural Fiber
4 Synthetic Fiber


1 Ladies' wear use
2 Men's casual wear use
3 Babywear use
4 Uniform
5 Sports
6 Shirts
7 Suiting
8 Bottom, Pants
9 Natural material fabrics
10 Stretch fabrics
11 High functional fabrics

Industrial Material

1 Hygiene
2 Automotive
3 Interior
4 All industrial materials

Garment Material

1 Shirt
2 Pants
3 Outer
4 Denim
5 Sweater
6 Cut & Sew
7 Myanmar production
8 Lao production
9 Viet Nam production