ITOCHU Thailand Businesses

  1. Textile Division

    Our Textile Department is handling wide range of textile materials and products such as yarn spinning, cloths, fabric finished piece goods, finished garment and industrial materials to cover hygiene, automobile, electronics, sports, building materials, engineering etc. Recently we have been expanding business fields into focusing on advanced technologies... Read more

    Textile Department
  2. Machinery Division

    ... Read more

    Machinery Division
  3. Metals and Minerals Department

    Our department handles a wide range of metallic products and mineral resources such as iron ore, coal, biomass (PKS, wood pellet), non-ferrous/light metal products (aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium, titanium), aluminum rolled products, aluminum extrusion products, electric wires, optical fiber cables, and electronic materials for diverse industrial fields... Read more

    Metals and Minerals Department
  4. Energy Divisions

    Energy Department has a role to contribute energy supply for Thailand through several types of businesses such as import, export and exchange of crude oil, condensate, petroleum products, LPG and LNG, also to participate in energy project such as oil trading development, storage facility/ใ€€receiving terminal, acquisition on full or part of share of oil & gas field , new energy including biomass fuel and nuclear fuel etc.... Read more

    Energy Division
  5. Chemical Division

    Our Department Handles A Variety Of Products In The Following Segments:

    • - Basic & Industrial Chemicals
    • - Synthetic Fiber Intermediates
    • - Functional & Performance Chemicals
    • - Irorganic Inorganic Chemicals

    Our business partner in Thailand are the leading players in each field, and so are the overseas companies... Read more

    Chemical Division
  6. Plastic Division

    In the recent modern society, we are enjoying the convenience of plastic products in the various fields like automotive, electric appliances, computers, household items as well as all kind of packaging fields... Read more

    Plastic Division
  7. Food Division

    Working as a trading company, we are importing, exporting and selling food products in Thailand. We are trying to supply everything to match customer needs and also market trends... Read more

    Food Division
  8. General Merchandise Division

    Although life style has been changed and new technology been innovated, in our daily life what we need is not changed. - Paper, wood, rubber and general merchandise in the construction and automotive industries. However, at the same time, global environmental issue is also getting debated more and more seriously... Read more

    General Merchandise Division
  9. Financial, Insurance and Realty Division

    Our division is in charge of Financial, Insurance and Realty business. Financial, Insurance and Realty services are basic platforms for business and life of living. As a division of ITOCHU (Thailand) Ltd., we utilize the strength of our firm, inter-division knowledge, skills based on our experiences in fields of business and global network... Read more

    FIR Division