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Machinery Division

Machinery Affiliate

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Plant Project , Marine & Aerospace

Through our global network, variety of customer bases and updated information, we have been involving in the development of the large-scale projects in both public and private sectors by playing roles in financing, contracting, off-taking, co-devolvement, management and co-sponsoring in order to enhance the success of projects.

Our Main Business Activities Cover :
  • - Oil, Gas And Petrochemical Plant
  • - Power Plant & Infrastructure Projects
  • - Marine (Ship) Business
  • - Cabin Equipment for Commercial Aircraft

Automobile And Construction Machinery

In Bangkok, so called Detroit in Asia, ITOCHU is involved in various aspects of automotive industry. In trading (import/export), we deal with various automotive/motor cycle parts, tool and dies and specialty vehicles.

In investment side, we have stakes in manufacturing, financing and retail business. We support vehicle and components manufacturers through marketing/sales, finance/investment, procurement and logistics.


1 Various Automotive Components (OEM, Spare Parts, Accessory).
2 Automotive Tool & Dies.
3 Specialty Vehicles (Fire Fighter, Garbage, Water Tank Etc.).
4 Glass-Fiber Canopy And Body Parts.
5 Construction & Agricultural Machine And Components.
6 Medical Equipment & Device (Blood Pressure Monitoring Device And Direct Digital Radiography System).
7 Various Industrial Machinery - Textile Machinery, Food Machinery, Plastic Injection Molding Machine.
8 Aircraft Cabin Equipment.
9 Airport Related Equipment And System.


1 Petro-Chemicals Plant.
2 Oil & Gas Plant.
3 Power Plant - Coal, Gas, Hydro,Geothermal And Nuclear.
4 Power Transmission And Distribution.
5 Renewable Energy.
6 Marine - New Building and Used Vessel, Owning and Chartering.
7 Environmental Project.
8 Automotive Parts Overseas Procurement , Logistics And JIT Delivery.
9 Various Supports For Overseas.
10 Infrastructure Project.
  • - Mass Transit And Railway System
  • - Port And Airport Construction
  • - Bridges And Roads