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Food Division

Working as a trading company, we are importing, exporting and selling food products in Thailand.

We are trying to supply everything to match customer needs and also market trends. Our business policy is based on SIS(Strategy, Integrated System) which is ITOCHU FOOD Company policy. Furthermore, we are improving the ways company do business through e-business in the future.

Food Affiliate

Central Family Mart

Convenience Store.

Chiangmai Frozen Foods

Frozen vegetables

Primaham Thailand

Process frozen food & processed meat.

Siam DCM

Distribution for SFM Food oil.

Fuji Oil Thailand


Canned Products

1 Canned Pet Foods
2 Canned Coconut Cream
3 Canned Baby Cram
4 Canned Quall Eggs
5 Canned Aloe Vera
6 Canned Mushroom
7 Canned Young Corn
8 Canned Bamboo Shoot Canned Tuna In Oil
9 Canned Water Chestnut

Frozen Products

1 Frozen Tuna
2 Frozen Vegetable
3 Frozen Duck Meat
4 Frozen Breaded Shrimp
5 Frozen Pork Meat
6 Frozen Fully Cooked Meat
7 Frozen Shrimp
8 Frozen Chicken Meat

Grain Products

1 Pear Barley
2 Jasmine Rice
3 Kapok Seed Oil
4 Wheat

Flour Products

1 Modified Tapioca Starch
-Used For Industrial And Food Processed Purposes.
2 Alpha Starch
3 Yellow Dextrin Starch
4 Tapioca Flour
5 Wheat Flour
-We Have Joint Venture Company To Produce This Line.
6 Rice Flour

Rice Product

1 Rice Crackers (Arare) -Japanese Snack
2 Rice -Participating In Japanese
3 Government Tender


1 Raw Sugar
2 White Sugar
3 Refined Sugar

Dried Seafoods

1 Dried Shrimp
2 Dried Fish
3 Dried Squid