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Energy Division

Energy Department has a role to contribute energy supply for Thailand through several types of businesses such as import, export and exchange of crude oil, condensate, petroleum products, LPG and LNG, also to participate in energy project such as oil trading development, storage facility/receiving terminal, acquisition on full or part of share of oil & gas field , new energy including biomass fuel and nuclear fuel etc.

ITOCHU is expanding worldwide oil trading and oil & gas exploration/production activities with its long time energy business knowledge and experience, which have been established by closed and strong relationship with a lot of oil and petrochemical companies in the world.

Nowadays, we are paying a lot of attention to the potentiality of Indo-China area for development of Asphalt and Industrial gas business under ITOCHU's group network.

Petroleum Products:

2 Naphtha
3 Gasoline
4 Kerosene
5 Jet Fuel
6 Gas Oil(Diesel Oil)
7 Fuel Oil
8 Bunker Oil
10 Asphalt(Bitumen)


1 Condensate
2 Crude Oil

Clean Energy:


Industrial Gas:

1 Nitrogen
2 Oxigen
3 Argon
4 Carbon Dioxide